Let’s Go Back Fishing!

mary by: Mary Jo Martinez

In the eve of Oman’s National Day the leaders of CFC Oman were called to go back fishing. It made me realize a few things like a brief flashback on Oman’s history, a large percentage of the citizens are fishermen just like Simon Peter. Just like Simon Peter and the other disciples we are called to be the new generation of fishers of men.

As one community in the Lord we are reminded of three points:

1: Where are we?
The country we are in is a blessing in itself, to be able to practice our faith also to be reminded how our disciples started. We are to love this community which is what we have in this country.
Love your mission area.

2. With whom?
We have to love dearly the ones we serve with. As one we should work together not against each other. We have been given each other to be accountable for each other. Through each one we are also able to practice our virtues. Through each one we are able to be vessels of God’s love. Love the people you serve with.

3: For whom?
All we do is for God and His glory alone. God is the reason why we are where we are and we are with whom we are with. We have to take care of what He has given. If we find it hard to appreciate what He has given, let’s not wait for it to be taken away, quickly run back to the giver, speak to Him and listen closely in our prayers. We should acknowledge Him and His love and faithfulness at all times in everyday of our lives.

If we lose our grip on the Giver of All, we lose the very reason in what we do. We will be imprisoned in being our own masters that will surely fall short.

Be Christ conscious, make sure He is present in your thoughts, words and deeds 24/7.

Love God at all times.


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