“I’m Bubbly” – Ana Marie Montegrande Sera


Full Name: Ana Marie Montegrande Sera

Nickname: An-An

Hometown: Butuan City, Philippines

Profession: Nurse

My greatest strength: God’s love is my strength.

My Weakness:

Actually.. So many to mention..

Typical stuff a women’s armors are down once these things are upfront (eg. Food! Bags! Shoes! And Gorgeous Men.. hahaha!) But I’m starting to get hold of myself. Though sometimes, I can’t help it. Hehhekk. Whew! Especially with FOOD!

But when it comes to family issues ( health, misunderstandings), I’m really weak..

Hobbies and Interests:

I’m interested to almost everything (duh… 😀 ). I love reading, singing, dancing (?), EATING, Photography, swimming, walking, running. I will not elaborate all, I just love life and I want to explore all!

But master of none.. hehehehe 🙂

Foods I like:

Anything edible.. hahahah! But I can’t eat all exotic foods like dogs, rats, grasshoppers, bugs, etc.. Yet I love frogs.

I also like Italian cuisines, spaghetti and pizzas! Love sweets, cakes, ice cream!

Lechon, Chicharon! :))) ..This page would be full if I mention all. :DD


How would you best describe your character?

I’m bubbly.. too bubbly that it shows outwardly ( I mean physically..).Free- spirited lass ! Loves adventure and travel.

What would you consider the basic meaning of life?

Life is a gift. And this gift is not meant to be yours alone. It needs to be shared. Once you share it.. Only that time you’ll know the beauty it possess.

What kind of friend Am I?

I can say I’m a very honest friend. But sometimes too honest (which I hate it.. coz sometimes truth hurts).

I think I’m also sweet and thoughtful.. 🙂

Favorite Bible verse?

‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’  Philippians 4:13



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