Sinulog in Oman (2015)

Sinulog Festival is a celebration to honor Santo Nino (Young Jesus Christ) ; it was held last Friday, January 09, 2015 at Ghala Church. This is a yearly event in the Philippines held mainly in the Island of Cebu, consisting of ritual dance to the beat of the drums. The word Sinulog comes from the Cebuano adverb sulog which roughly means “like water current movement;” it describes the forward-backward movement of the Sinulog dance.

Filipino Christians also celebrates Sinulog here in Oman and all Christian organizations participates in this event; some wore costumes and even face paints to express their selves in the same passion how people celebrate it back home. The celebration starts with a morning mass followed by a procession, lunch and finally ends with presentations from different Filipino collective groups which make the event more joyful.

Sinulog in Oman
Sinulog in Oman (2015)

Sinulog Celebration lasts nine (9) days in Cebu, however here in Oman we only have one day to celebrate it. What matters most is that, we have the privilege to celebrate this event in a Muslim country like Oman to give honor to Santo Nino. This event shows how truly religious Filipino are.

Viva Santo Nino!!!


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