SFC-Oman SingOlympics 2015

Singles for Christ Oman has organized Singolympics, which was held last March 13-14, 2015. This is a yearly activity of SFC-Oman where teams participate and compete with each other in various sports and games. They can participate in any game they want to. It can be board games, ball games or games which requires strength and endurance. There are two teams involved this year namely Blue Team and Purple Team.

On the morning of the first day, games prepared were indoor games such as chess, scrabble and darts. Players are challenged on how to ‘checkmate’ the opponent’s king by placing it under an inescapable threat of capture in Chess, how broad their vocabulary is in Scrabble and how good is their aim in targeting specific numbers in Dart game called “Killers”.

During the afternoon, Bowling is the main event. Everyone was cheering for their teammates to hit the bowling pins than the gutter (laughs). Who would not be happy to score a STRIKE!? 🙂


Second day: Outdoor games at Ghubra Lake! The day started with a morning worship. All SFCs were eager to win and willing to participate in all the game as this day is for team play. The first game was volleyball! Both teams has sweat it until the winner has been declared. The final set was so intense that it led to 3 deuces. But then BLUE team won the match. The second game is a relay game which each team needs to create a bridge in order for all 6 ping pong balls to reach its destination. Everyone was cheering here and there to motivate their teammates. But this time, PURPLE team triumphed. The third game was a test of endurance and stamina. Each team has to walk/run with their foot tied with their teammates by a big rubber band. It will start with a couple and then they have to take a U-Turn in a distant flag. Then, they have to pick up another teammate until all of them has taken the U-turn. The game was thrilling but then, BLUE team succeeded again. The last and final game will test everyone’s agility: a classic dodge ball. The game has five minute time constraints where each team needs to eliminate all the members inside the field within an allotted time. PURPLE team was the first defender. In order to win, the attacker must eliminate the defender by hitting any part of the defender’s body with a volleyball. The time left when everyone in PURPLE team has been eliminated was 30 seconds. It is BLUE team’s turn. Everyone on the team was trying to dodge the ball whatever it takes to avoid being eliminated. Everyone was shouting “Hit him! Target him!” but still some members of BLUE team managed to stay on the field until time has ran out. The time was up and 3 members of Blue team remained in the field making them win the game.


Even though BLUE team has managed to win most of the team plays, the overall score was still dominated by PURPLE team because of their wins on individual games. PURPLE TEAM was crowned Champion of Singolympics 2015.

Singolympics is not just about winning. It is to promote sportsmanship and brotherhood/sisterhood among all members of Singles for Christ Oman. Everyone enjoyed their weekends full of fun and looking forward for next year’s Singolympics. Our talents in sports is a gift from God. Using and sharing it is one way of glorifying HIM.

Event Organizers: Harriet Cudal and  Lilybeth Rodriguez



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