SFC-Oman 7th National Conference – Love More

Photo Credit: Bro Jhun Guerrero

May 16, 2015, the most awaited day for all singles men and women for Christ in Oman to celebrate the 7th National Conference with the theme: “Love More” (John 21: 15-17).

The assembly in Ghala Parish Hall starts at 6:30am. Early bird registrant, sis Ana Marie Sera, was acknowledged. The rests of the SFC service team, SFC members and SFC plus participants followed in the registration to sign up their names and claim their SFC NATCON T-shirt and kit Most of the SFC registrants came from Muscat and followed by SFCs in Sohar. Breakfast was served and special thanks to HOLD members for preparing it. The celebration starts with the recitation of the Holy Rosary and simultaneously a pray over for the speakers and sharers have been offered. After the prayer, all were gathered and settled inside the parish hall to practice the praise songs together with SFC music ministry…

View Full Story: SFC-Oman 7th National Conference by Sis Grace Demegillo


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