I Love to Travel and Explore New Things


2Full Name:  Rommel De Paz Magat

Nick Name: Omel, Mel

Hometown: Abucay Bataan

Profession: Civil Engineer

My strength/s:

Team Player,

My Weakness/es:


Hobbies and Interests:

Computer Games, Music, Movies, Anime/Manga, Chess, Basketball & Badminton, Panda

Foods I like:

Spaghetti with lot of cheese on top.

How would I best describe my character?

Always Smiling, Positive Thinker, Warm Hearted, Sometimes Observer, Love to Travel and Explore new Things then Share it to others and Sleepy Head.

What kind of friend Am I?

Always there to remind you what you need to do, what you forget, and what time is it, where we go next and always ready to help.

Define Love

Love is Love, no matter how, what, where and when to define it, for me it’s always be the overflowing love of our Lord God, it’s unexplainable but we are able to feel and experience it, and most specially we can share it to other as a gift.

My Ideal Partner?

She Loves God more than me, Simple but got the best of both worlds, got a good voice, have a great Smile and Beautiful Eyes.

Hardest time of my life

August 2014, before going here in Oman, our grandmother (Mother Side) Died,, yung feeling na hindi ka nakapunta sa libing, because you’re on your way going to Oman for a job and opportunity to have a better career.

With My Household
With My Household

 Happiest times of my life

Reading my name on the list passers in CIVIL ENGINEERING board exam and saw our father about to cry.

What would you consider the basic meaning of life?

Waking up in the morning because god give you another life to live, another hope to overcome lot of challenges, Sun light to feel the warm and to feel alive, again also change to do right thing in his will and love.

How do I find Singles for Christ?

I always feel like family and I’m home, the closeness of every brothers and sisters to each other then there the elders (Tito/Father and Tita/Mother) that always there to remind and guide us. So Single for Christ is always be my 2nd family.

Favorite Bible verse?

Matthew 22:37; Jesus answered “Love the lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind”


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