Household Heads Orientation

I am someone who joined and encountered the CFC Singles for Christ only here in Oman. I was aware of it, but I never really met any members or have been invited to any of its activities before. I went there, only expecting to learn more on how to conduct households. However, I was caught unaware of the surprises that weekend held for me.

The Household Head Orientation Team.

It transpired last 19th of June but we left Muscat driving to Musanah, Millenium Resorts, the night before, after work and some other activities of those who were invited for the said activity. I only knew that it consisted of four talks and three workshops, because it was announced during one of the meetings before. Everyone was tired upon arriving there, so after settling in, all went to sleep, while the service team set the area for the following day.

Finally, the big day, I woke up a bit early and started preparing. After breakfast, we were led to worship, then we had an energizer before starting the talks. Since, it was a long day and some of the participants came from work the day before, others couldn’t sleep well in another place and since we slept late and had to wake up early, some of them were exhausted and couldn’t help but doze off in between the talks. But I was surprisingly awake, the entire time. Maybe, the fact that I took off from work, the day before and was able to sleep a little bit late into the day, helped. In between the talks and even with some of the videos shown, I couldn’t help but be touched. In some of them, my tears would just flow, even with me, trying my best to fight them off. I didn’t really understand what came into me. But I dismissed it, knowing that it could really happen sometimes and perhaps the speakers were just really good. The morning wore on and we finished the first half of the activity.

Everyone had a good lunch and rested for a few minutes until the afternoon session started again. We did another energizer before starting with a worship, which I led. While into the sessions, I was still full of energy and didn’t feel sleepy even after eating, which is unusual for me because I am very fond of sleeping, which contributes to the fact that I am now overweight and is frustrated of the things I couldn’t do because I am usually overpowered by the urge to close my eyes and rest. I still couldn’t consider it as something significant because it can happen that in a day, you are just full of energy. Amid the sessions, we still had energizers, which would stir up the participants to become rowdy and we had participants, who are just naturally born geniuses when it comes to cracking jokes, so we would all burst into laughter in between.

The challenge came during the last talk, when I felt that we were having the longest talk of our lives. I could feel that some of us are already losing interest and others could feel the weary day taking a toll on them and their energy levels. But, I knew that it was different for me. I could still focus on the talk and the messages that it brought. It was still the same, what I felt during the morning, I would be touched and would be wiping away tears, when some thoughts or ideas strikes me. We were promised an open forum at the end of the activity, so we could ask and voice out concerns at the end at the same time, so we would not disturb the speakers and save time. I wrote down a few comments and even a question or two that were not clear to me during the talks.

The time of reckoning came, the talks and workshops were all over and we were asked if we had anything in mind to share. Knowing that I had something to say, I raised my hand and stood up. I started viewing my notes, but to my surprise, I was overrun by emotions, I could not understand. I felt like, it could only be relieved by crying. Even with my best efforts, I was crying. Bravely, I tried my best to keep my composure, while explaining what was happening to me, during the talks. I could not understand it myself, until now. What I could say, is the Lord has touched me and made me realize things that I could better improve on. All the speakers and the service team were instruments to that. I was also able to challenge all those who were present to stand up and get out of their comfort zones, to really bring the service of God to others and to really stand on this year’s theme of the community, which is to love more. Other questions and concerns were raised after that then we had a mini praise fest to close the activity off.

The day ended with further blessings when after dinner, we were able to have a night swimming in the pool, even if it was supposed to be closed. One of the caretakers went there, so we asked him and without much issue, he agreed to let us swim. Tired and filled with the teachings of the day, we went back to our accommodation and settled again to sleep.

The following day, some of the participants asked for a morning worship and they choose me to lead it. I began with an exhortation, trying my best to set the mood and encouraging everyone to be in a prayerful mood. But the same emotions were again overpowering me. I was able to manage it this time and was able to end the worship well, all thanks to God.

The main message that I got from the entire activity was and I mentioned in the exhortations and prayers that I led, sometimes, we might feel unworthy of the responsibilities we have at hand but we did not decide on it for ourselves, God did. He did not called the qualified but He qualifies the called, just like what He did with the first apostles. They were fishermen and tax collector but He called them and they followed. The challenge for us, not just for the leaders and the members of the CFC Singles for Christ Oman, but anyone, yes, including you, who is reading this article right now, is to become better servant leaders to our fellow-men and to God and to try every day to love more.

Article by: Bro Cyrus Garay


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