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This year’s theme of the Couples for Christ community.

I first heard of this activity mentioned by one of our couple coordinators, I have to admit that I was sort of surprised to hear that a teaching like this ever existed in the ministry of the Singles for Christ (SFC). I then recalled that it was mentioned by one of the full time pastoral worker (FTPW), SFC is a discernment ministry for missionaries, where members have to decide whether they remain as members or become much more, in terms of their service, to other ministries like in Kids for Christ (KFC), Youth for Christ (YFC) or the same in SFC. I found the same analogy, when it comes to membership, where members stay and will be prepared to become future members of the Couples for Christ (CFC), Servants of the Lord (SOLD) or Handmaids of the Lord (HOLD). This teaching was preparing us for courtship and eventually having future partners in the community. It was just pretty amazing for me that the ministry even concerned itself with things like this for its members. Since the theme for the CFC community this year is Love More, it is nice that even romantic love will be discussed, especially among us singles.

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Photo credits: Susan Uy

It was held in the house of HOLD members in Al Khuwair last 23rd of July, 2015. While the rest of the city were enjoying the Renaissance holiday of the country, a few single men and women prepared and went to the venue to attend the activity by 5:30 PM. We were asked to be in semi-formal attire, so we all dressed up. In my personal opinion, the sisters, enjoyed dressing up more than the brothers. I was impressed, as always, how nice everyone looked, more with the sisters, of course, who had make up and heels on. It was again, a long day for me, because I came from a household, where I needed to prepare early before having the meeting then there was only a short time before going to the love forum, which meant, less rest for me. Anyway, me as well as almost my entire household went there and prepared ourselves for the activity.

Photo credits: Susan Uy

While waiting for the speakers, I was looking around the venue and I couldn’t help but comment on how the place looked quite romantic with all the hearts and pink balloons, either sticking to the walls or hanged on the chandeliers of the house. One of our speakers was right when she commented on how the place looked very Valentine’s Day. The activity comprised of four talks, each was given by former SFC members, who are now in CFC. All found their partners within the community themselves. But before the main talks, we had a game, where questions about past romantic experiences were asked. It was quite entertaining and mostly funny. Personally, I couldn’t care less since I don’t have as much experience as most of them who attended it.

Photo credits: Caroline Denaque

Then came the most challenging part for me, it was the main talks. The night was dragging painfully slow and as tired as I am, I couldn’t help but doze off in some of them, although, I keep on hearing some of the important points about each of them. Talk 1 was given by bro Joel Egnisaban and discussed on how to love and care for sisters, Talk 2 was given by first speaker’s wife, sis Badet Egnisaban and talked mainly on how brothers should be treated by sisters. Talk 3, was given by, bro Jeff Silvestre and talked mainly on courtship in SFC. Finally, Talk 4, was given by sis Jaja Bautista and dealt with the 14 common boy-girl relationship issues. The night ended with a serenade from the brothers and giving of roses and chocolates to the sisters by the brothers.

Photo credits: Roe Ann Gonzales

I went there, personally, trying to know the answer to the question, eternally bugging me, if “forever” really does exist and with the look of things, there’s a good chance it can be found somewhere. The speakers were encouraging brothers to start courting sisters in the community, since there is a common ground to start with, in terms of understanding each other when it comes to service in the community. It is really a good advice coming from our “kuyas and ates,” but personally, I think that true love, which can last up till forever, when all else vanishes, will find you and will be given in the right time and right circumstances by God who has been the source of all the love in the universe and who is Himself, Love in its very meaning. We were taught to be in relationships for the right purpose and intentions and it is up to us how to use that knowledge to find our own “forever.”

“Rock and roll to the world,” God bless, everyone!

Article by: Cyrus Garay


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