Love and Other Splendid Things


When it comes to love discussions, many of us singles are very keen to participate. In one way or another, we all have something to share, may it be about the current love life, past relationships, heartbreaks, the dreadful healing process, the getting up – moving on stage and the “I’m ready to date again” moments… name it, we have it! When it comes to love, everyone can relate.

I’ve heard about this teaching for years but never had the chance to attend for unknown reasons. At first, I thought that this type of teaching is only for members with GGs (God’s Gift), or couples or the hopeless romantic lovers in the community. Anyhow, I am always eager to learn more about Faith, Hope and Love as this is what Christianity is all about. Thus, activities like this motivates me to learn more, love more.

The day when the service team finalized the date of the Love Forum, I was already looking forward to it. What excites me more is that we were informed to come in our semi-formal attires. We all know that ladies love dressing up, putting on their makeup and for the love of heels – we can wear them! This is one of the most anticipated time of the year to feel more beautiful, to be “lady-like” for some. Yes, we often forget to make time for ourselves. It is not every day that you see the brothers wearing their semi-formal attire, the sisters on their lovely dresses and heels. I love dressing up. Everyone knows that.

lovely ladies
Lovely ladies, all lined up.

As soon as we reached the venue, we were greeted by our sisters from HOLD and everyone from SFC. How impressive it is to see the smiles on their faces. Brothers looking oh-so-handsome to me, the sisters… all stunning! I am in awe. Not to mention the venue itself, it was full of heart decors and pink balloons, it made me feel like every day is Valentine’s Day. While waiting for everyone to settle and speakers to arrive, a never ending catching up with everyone took place. As if we were away from each other for a very long time. We started the activity with a heartwarming prayer followed by the energizers. The energizers, organized by Sis Bernadette Egnisaban, turned out to be fun, engaging and amusing. The game made us reminisce our past relationships and our present heart status. Everyone enjoyed the game, the house was full of laughter and giggles, as expected.

cc to susan - all lined up for a sumptous meal
Hanging out. Photo credits: Susan Uy

The talks were carried out by former SFC Oman members which are, at present, happily married with their 3G – God’s Greatest Gift and have started the family every SFC member is aiming for. Our ever-witty brother Joel Egnisaban delivered Talk 1 – Brothers: how to love and care for sisters. On this particular talk, I was reminded that I am God’s princess and I need to be treated like one. Talk 2: Sisters: How to love and care for brothers was presented by sis Badet Egnisaban. I believe that all is fair in love and war. Talk 2 made me understand that I need to treat a gentleman the way I want to be treated – not just a girl but a lady. No ifs, no buts. It is a non-negotiable criteria. The topics are getting more and more interesting. I can see from the participants’ faces the eagerness to discover things and get insights from our beloved speakers. Jeff Silvestre discussed Talk 3: Courtship on SFC. When we hear “courtship”, the ladies will have that special smile. And almost everyone are giggling. Maybe because of their experiences during the courtship stage which we all know are full of cheesy messages, flowers and chocolates here and there. Finally, sis Janet Bautista revealed Talk 4: 14 common boy-girl relationship issues. This topic is very much relevant in our everyday lives. The Do’s and Dont’s in a relationship and the solutions on what-if-this-happened scenarios were tackled.

We really enjoyed the night and almost forgot about checking the time. The night was made more memorable especially when the brothers handed out flowers and chocolates, and started serenading the sisters with love songs. The song Beautiful in My Eyes, my favorite song, will always have a special part in my heart. It is a constant reminder that true love never dies, and you will always, always be beautiful in His eyes. You just have to see the beauty He sees in you today and every day.

credits Susan
During the serenade. Photo Credits: Susan Uy

After the activity, I came to realize that as a Princess of God, I should never settle for less. The right man will come in His perfect time, with a special reason and purpose. And as I wait for the right man and time to come, I should always remind myself what our gentle Father is whispering in my often deaf ear, I am loved. I am enough. I am worth it.

Article by: Roe Anne Gonzales


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