Love Forum: A Different Perspective


“Love Forum: What will it be about? Will it just be about relationship?”

Some mind boggles I had before the event.

The impact of the night wasn’t just about our future spouses. It was more than that. It was the greatest relationship you’ll ever have:

A relationship with God.

Well being in our physical human state and emotions, formed as man and woman in the likeness and image of God. Two different creations with very distinct characteristics coming from the same source: The Creator.

During one of the talks. The participants listening intently. Photo credits: Roe Gonzales

Man and woman were created to compliment each other to start a basic unit of society. But with the raging views of the world, the creations are under attack physically, mentally , emotionally abused. Whilst lust, envy, greed, possessiveness, etc in special relationships.

While eating before the talks. Photo credits: Roe Gonzales

Where have we reached in attaining authentic love? We are seemingly at lost and desperate.

That night, we learned how it isn’t about looking for the strategic way in spotting the right one but it is journeying to being the perfect one despite imperfections.

We had to realize that we should view our brothers and sisters in Christ how God has intended it to be. To understand that we are different and we should treat each other with respect and compassion.

During the serenade. Photo credits: Roe Gonzales

We should care for each other just like how the brothers are to treat sisters with gentle and care also protective of the sisters (no malice). This point specifically made me grateful for being in the community. Having brothers who truly care, journeys and guides you in guarding your heart. (Thank you KUYAaaa’s)

Yes,for me, the night is about guarding our hearts by letting only God mold into His heart. After all we can only learn how to love a co-creation if we knew how he/she was created by the creator.

Striving to be authentic sons and daughters of Love is the only way to give out authentic love.

Article by: Mary Jo Martinez

Towards the end of the program. Photo credits: Roe Gonzales

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