April Chapter Assembly of the CFC Singles for Christ Oman: Cyrus Garay


The monthly chapter assembly of the CFC Singles for Christ Oman transpired last Friday, 17 April 2015. Part of each assembly is a teaching for all the members to learn from. This time, instead of talking about the virtues like Chastity or Holy Purity as in the last assembly, the topic was regarding Catholic doctrine, which was about The Creed. According to the talk given by sister Mary Jo Martinez, it is one of the four pillars of the Catholic faith along with the Sacraments, the Ten Commandments and the Lord’s prayer.

The Creed comes from the Latin word Credo, which means “I believe.” They are called professions of faith since they summarize the faith that Christians profess. Among all the creeds, these two occupy a special place in the Church’s life: Apostle’s creed is so called because it is rightly considered to be a faithful summary of the apostles’ faith and The Niceno-Constantinopolitan or Nicene Creed, draws its great authority from the fact that it stems from two ecumenical councils. It remains common to all great churches of both East and West to this day. (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 194-195)

The Credo is composed of parts we call articles. Each was also discussed by the speaker. Drawing my own reflection from the topic and the entire activity, I could say that we are so blessed that we are backed up by a solid historical as well as doctrinal foundation when it comes to our faith. We can trace back our history from the apostles who were with Jesus Christ when he taught in the streets and performed awe inspiring miracles. He was with them when He met people of great stature in society and when He talked of such profound words that even them, the apostles, because of their background in life, didn’t even comprehend those words all at once. Not until the Holy Spirit descended on them, which we now celebrate as the feast of the Pentecost.

This made me think that we as Christian-Catholics must also stand up to what we have been reciting, which I really hope we are not merely reciting but praying and living to it, in every single mass that we attend. We should not be like robots like what the video at the start of the talk showed who merely say the words without meaning it but should be real believers of every word we speak. The Creed embodies all the basic tenets of our faith, from the creation, the saving act of Jesus, the Holy Spirit Who is the third person of the Holy Trinity and even about the Church, which is universal and evangelical.

It is in my belief that if every one of us has this conviction in our hearts, then the world would be a much better place to live in. Those who need help will get the help they need and those people in authority will not only be thinking of their own gains in life but of those they are serving and the people of the public, who placed them in their position. People will also start being less selfish and would share more of their time and talent to their brothers and sisters who need it. But all of these I’m talking about only belongs to the ideal world and what in reality is happening are the wars, poverty, hunger and many other atrocities. All hope is not lost though, that is why this message reached us through the talk we heard one afternoon when we attended the chapter assembly and that’s why we are reading this article right now because we are being asked to change and to start within ourselves.

This serves as a challenge to all of us, not to be contented where we are right now in life. Not to be contented in our comfort zones but to force ourselves to grow, in faith and in actions. There is always room for improvement, as an adage goes, so let’s all prove to those who are looking from the outside and observing us that we are not merely reciting what we’re saying but trying our best to live up to it every day of our lives.



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