ME United 2015 – A Night of Prayers and Worship

1417_709841125700073_842826946_n” First time… Yes, it was my first time to join Singles for Christ and first time to experience Middle East United. I am blessed to witness this kind of fellowship because reality bites, I am in a Muslim country and we know that somehow, still, there is a restriction about our religion as Christian. But, even though we’re not in our home land, still, God gave us the chance to proclaim our love for him. It was ecstatic. I felt that God loves me so much. And it was the perfect time for me to reflect because I am facing some difficulties this past few days.

Love. There are many kinds of love and on how to express it. God loves us even though we are sinful. God loves us for who and what we are. We must not question His love for us. We must have faith on Him. The people of God are portrayed as a flock of sheep. They are not to aimlessly go about but to be nourished. Jesus does not speak about the Word of God, that which they and we are to be fed, nor the Spirit of God, which He so carefully elaborated. These things were not as basic and crucial as laying down the vision of Jesus’ authority was quite apparent, but at the same time Jesus is reinstating His call towards Peter. This scene produced a deep soul-stretching exercise demanding Peter not to bury himself in his past failures but to focus on the needs of others around him. Our role will be different, but in a similar way we as His disciples are called into an intimate relationship with the resurrected Christ to serve Him here on earth.”    – Joan F. Frondarina

 * * * * * * *

“Excited and I don’t know why I’m little bit nervous of what will happen that night i1484689_10202396007060268_5957751669861010654_nn M.E. United maybe because I will experience finally this event and seeing other SFC in Middle East praying and worshipping our God thru livestreaming. And when it’s started by teaching of songs I feel more excited. Singing, worshiping, and praying together with other nation is most powerful of all. The prayers was so powerful. “God loves you and so do I”, say it to the people around you, for me this is the special part. “To love more”, this is God’s message for me in this M.E. United 2015. I feel blessed and loved by our God after this unforgettable experience in my life. I’m looking forward for M.E. United 2016.” Chito A. Timario Jr.

 * * * * * * *

10711100_10203368462947212_7998357704123002183_n“March 26, 2015 marks ME United in prayer. When someone prays for you it means someone cares for and tonight not only one is praying but all single men and women all over Middle East who gathered together as one to pray and love more. I am grateful to be a part of ME United and to my SFC family in Oman who have prayed over especially for our loved ones who are sick. It’s overwhelming to feel the presence of God’s healing grace through the power of prayers. Tears just simply overflow when each one stormed heaven with prayers and intended it all for the healing and comfort of the sick. I felt more love and being embraced by the power and depth of prayer. The solemnity of prayer has been empowered when the song entitled “Have Your Way” is played. In God alone, we can surpass all the storms that come our way and He will be there for us all the time to show us His ways. Thank you, Lord for these blessings tonight: my SFC family, SFC-Oman Couple Coordinators Tito Chong Zamora and Tita Mil Mariano Zamora, healing prayers, working technology to keep us all in unity in prayer, sis Rowena Motas Dapol’s place for the venue, sharing of food and other blessings, fellowship, and safety back home. I will always humbly bow down my head, close my eyes, and raise my hand to you Lord to worship, honor, glorify, praise, and thank You. Amen!”M Grace Sombero Demegillo

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