never ending bridge      Ang Tao ay Nagmula sa Langit


11694769_10153230663753183_6420045214313456429_n      Love Forum: A Different Perspective by: Mary Jo Martinez

me     Love and Other Splendid Things by: Roe Anne Gonzales

11667019_10204749506918621_1051632901_n     Household Heads Orientation by: Cyrus Garay

10966571_10203849859467997_26912096_n      April Chapter Assembly of the CFC-SFC Oman by: Cyrus Garay

       ME United 2015 – A Night of Prayer and Worship

grace       Refiner’s Fire by: Grace Sombero Demegillo (02-08-2015)

10367727_887657724601420_4521312355298975287_n     Christian Character Weekend by: Lea Datugan ( 12-04-14)

970353_10151478912649069_442688573_n     Let’s Go Back Fishing by: Mary Jo Martinez (11-24-14)


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